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Ultimate Paintball Manage
Improves your Paintball Park functionality and Paintball Team efficiency


Increase profitability and reduce costs


  • Manage more games in the same time period increasing the sold paintball count up to 20% to 40%
  • For instructors this allows to spend less time in the field freeing up more time to talk to clients – boosting sales and upselling more products
  • Less instructors needed

Easier to guide groups


  • No need to follow the players, automatic start when teams are ready, stop signal when mission has been completed
  • Players/Teams control the game by themselves
  • Easy to guide two or more groups at the same time

Higher training quality and effectiveness


  • Fair start for both Teams, no need for yelling
  • Works with only one remote if the missions are coordinated by instructor / coach
  • Training countdown timer
  • Start/Finish sounds can be chosen and  customized
  • Connect any type of monitor, TV, display through HDMI  cable


  • The manager can be easily configured through a game monitor or built in Wi-Fi using phone or tablet
  • One park can use unlimited paintball manager systems and  remotes
  • Up to 50 remotes can be added to one Ultimate Paintball Manager system Remote operation time is one week without charging the  batteries
  • Customizable Team names


  • The remotes and manager are connected over a built-in  wireless antenna with over 1 km working  radius
  • Team names and game results shown on the display

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Ultimate Portable


  • UPM computer
  • Wireless start/stop
  • AUX / HDMI connectors
  • Charger
  • Camera connection
  • Case
  • Work without AC connection
  • Built in speaker

999,50 Eur

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Ultimate Pro


  • UPM computer
  • Wireless start/stop
  • AUX / HDMI connectors
  • Charger
  • Camera connection

NOT Included

  • Case
  • Work without AC connection
  • Built in speaker

699,50 Eur

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Quality acknowledgement


More than one year tested and upgraded in the most modern paintball park in Baltics.

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Over 20k games played during tests

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UPM has been developed and tested by PB Telpa, LLC (www.pbtelpa.lv) and Crazy Guns sports paintball teams and individual paintball park owners



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Kaspars Piternieks
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Email: info@pbtelpa.lv
Website: www.pbtelpa.lv

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Address: Unijas street 12, Riga, LV-1084, Latvia
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