Prices for two hour game (total length of activity 3h):

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Premium pack

  • Professional gun (firing speed 25balls per sec)
  • precision 9/10
  • comfort 10/10
  • electronic loader – balls don’t get stuck

25 € (per person)

Kids, students – 25 €
Adults – 27€
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Standart pack

  • amateur gun + automatic loader (firing speed 12balls per second)
  • precision 7/10
  • comfort 7/10
  • electronic loader – balls don’t get stuck

20 € (per person)

Kids, students – 20 €
Adults – 22€
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Economic pack

  • firing speed 7balls per second)
  • precision 5/10
  • comfort 4/10

15 € (per person)*

Kids, students – 15 €
Adults – 17 €
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All three packs include:

  • 2 hour game time
  • 1 hour rest time after the game to keep on partying beside the field if there’s a celebration
  • Lounge with table to have your own food and beverages
  • Professional paintball instructor
  • Peintball equipment:
    • Double glass anti-sweating mask
    • Overall
    • Protective gloves
    • Safety vest
    • Paintball gun set with gas baloon
  • Unlimited number of balls


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Every player gets this equipment:




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Unlike a usual paintball with paint balls:

In our paintball park we use reusable paintball balls. They differ from usual paintball – they are made of latex not paint so it doesn’t leave stains of paint when hits target, it can be felt when hit not seen. Thanks to that there is no need for the ball to crack, so it is possible to reduce its speed on guns settings so it doesn’t leave marks. Instead of the one who seek adrenaline – it’s also possible to increase it’s speed making gun more powerful.

Playing are is made out of air filled figures specially made for paintball. They can be used to differ tactics by manipulating with variety of layout giving you feeling like playing on different field also they can be used as a shield.



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Are you adrenaline seeker?

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This is how the game goes!

  • People wanting to play, arrives 30 minutes before the start of the game at PB Telpa paintball park.
  • All the necessary equipment is given to players ( Special mask, overall, protective vest and gloves and the gun set, which depends on players skills – rather it’s a professional gun, beginners or economic set).
  • A quick brief is given by proffesional instructor,
  • People divided by random teams and the game kicks off!
  • After active gameplay the facilities allow to take a shower so take basic hygiene stuff (towel) as there will be sweat!

P.S. Information for paintball party organizators

  • Arrival 30 min before the placed time.
  • We recommend you to bring comfortable sportive clothing and trainers to wear under the overall.
  • Personal vehicle can be left on street Unijas..
  • Good news for organizators –clearly shown exact time of event and cost! 2 hour game only 15 Eur (per person) Price includes everything needed for safe paintball game un great party! For exact total cost a precise number of players is needed to be known in advance!
  • Warm, massive 850 m2 large rooms heated in winter, adjusted with changing rooms, WC, shower, coffee machine, vending machine, free Wi-Fi.
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