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PB Telpa Safety Instructions

1. Before entering the play area, you must wear safety mask, while you are in a playing field, mask cannot be removed, lifted or ventilated. The mask can be put off only when you are out of the playing field. The field starts when you enter behind netting!  It’s forbidden to touch lense of the mask! In case if you remove the mask you do 10 push-ups or sit downs. The second time 20 and up. It is followed by opponents, parents, teammates, adults and instructors.

2. All paintball guns that have been rented must stay on the playground for the entire game; they cannot be taken out of the playing area.

3. Do not shoot closer than 3 meters, if you come closer than it is been let – you are out!

4. Between the Games it is forbidden to shoot!

5. Between games and while you are going to positions, the paintball weapon should be facing the barrel against the ground and the finger should be off the hook.

6. It is forbidden to climb and jump to the inflatable figures during the game and move them.

7. Do not put in the weapon the balls that are on the ground!

8. The weapon should be placed in the holder after the game.

9. It is allowed to take a weapon only when the instructor has allowed it.

10. The hit is counted anywhere along the entire body – including a safety mask and protective wraps, when you have been hit with an upright hand you are going out. When player continue to play after being shoot and the shoot is confirmed by instructor, the player is out of the next game, or several games, depending on the instructor’s decision, the instructor’s decision is ultimate.

11. It is prohibited to shoot at players who are with raised arm.

12. One each side of the field there are start / stop buttons. When the team is ready – press the green button and wait for the other team to be ready. When all of the teams have pressed the green button, start of the game remains in 5seconds. Run and shoot the target only after the last beep, until one hand touches the start poster and the bar should be facing the ground. The mission is to go to the base station of another team and press the red button.

13. All players must listen to the instructions, rules of the game and take full responsibility for what happens to them on the playground or outside.

14. Each instructor’s decision is ultimate and final one.

15. The instructor has all the rights to disqualify a player for further participation in games, in case of dangerous behavior without returning the money paid for the service.

16. Persons who have used alcohol, narcotic or other intoxicating substances are not allowed to play.

17. It is forbidden to abuse and damage the issued paintball equipment, in case of damage, the player must pay the value of the damaged equipment.

18. Only persons who have signed up for the game and safety regulations may be in the play area.

19. For person who does not participate in a game it is forbidden to follow the game without masks being around the network closer than 0.5 meters.

20. Children under the age of 16 need parental permission to take part in the game.


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About us

In our paintball park we use reusable paintball balls. They differ from usual paintball – they are made of latex not paint so it doesn’t leave stains of paint when hits target, it can be felt when hit not seen. Thanks to that there is no need for the ball to crack, so it is possible to reduce its speed on guns settings so it doesn’t leave marks. Instead of the one who seek adrenaline - it’s also possible to increase it’s speed making gun more powerful.
Playing area is made out of air filled figures specially made for paintball. They can be used to differ tactics by manipulating with variety of layout giving you feeling like playing on different field also they can be used as a shield.
FREE extra balls
We’re open 27/7 (bookings in advance)


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E-mail: info@pbtelpa.lv